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try outs! January 11, 2010

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Well! The weekend has come and gone, and I must say, I am still quite exhausted! I wouldn’t think so, but planning a dish and prepping it and then actually going there and trying out for a reality tv show is a lot of work!

Saturday I spent the day making the crème brûlée, which as you know, was a bit of a chore! I brought it over to my friend Jen’s house that night and we had a test party. She also auditioned and made really amazing beef tenderloin, a recipe I will surely share with you in the next month or so (I’m going to make it for Valentine’s day, shh!) We determined our food successes and that was that!

The next morning I torched the top of the crème brûlée I was bringing, packed it in an insulated bag and headed out. The auditions were beginning at noon, so Jen and I agreed to get there at 11.  I got there, found a parking spot and discovered Jen already in line, with about 60 people in front of us. phew! Just as I got there a LOT more people began arriving and soon we were lined up around the back of the store and out to the street! We spent a LONG time waiting, much of it in the freezing 21 degree weather outside! Everyone was in very good spirits though, but no one knew any new details or what we were all even doing really!

After an hour, they began letting us in, but only what fit. I feel really bad for those who maybe waited outside even longer! It was SO cold! We waited for another hour in a basement holding area (that wasn’t actually any warmer, and there was no sun!), and finally just as Jen and I were getting really whiny and both were doing the pee pee dance, they let us in and it was our turn!

The actual try out area was in a small kitchen where the store does classes and demos. There were two long tables divided up into small stations  so that 18 could audition at once. We had five minutes to set up our dish and then call the judges over. At this point I felt kind of silly as all around me people were furiously chiseling meat and laying out elaborate table settings and putting vases of flowers and stuff out. crazy! All i did was unwrap my brulee, pop it on the second fancy plate and say, done! Of course, one poor sap before I went just had his food in an aluminum pan and stuck it on a paper plate for the judges, so, I didnt’ feel THAT bad!

When she came over, I definitely lost track of what i was doing or saying! She did look at my food and exclaim “Creme Brulee!” sort of in an impressed or maybe it was a “haven’t seen THIS yet” tone, not sure. Then she took a small bite, pronounced it “very good” and asked me how i made it. I had no concept of what I was saying so I mainly babbled about boiling milk with espresso beans (“Oh so you infused it?”  “uh huh! uhh yeah!!” I replied) and then after all that she did tell me that she really liked the flavor, so whoo hoo!

I don’t think I’ll be on tv anytime soon, but it was fun to see what  a pro thought of my food!

After that I went home and napped all day. Then I was exhausted all day today too. trying out for tv shows is exhausting!


5 Responses to “try outs!”

  1. Jen Says:

    I am still exhausted. I fell asleep before Big Bang Theory which I couldn’t even DVR because of this bizarrely timed episode of Fringe. So annoying.

  2. Jen Says:

    And you didn’t nap all day. There was fried turkey to enjoy!

  3. frappqueen Says:

    You are right, I didn’t! I’m still sleepy today too, I guess we aren’t cut out for reality tv!

  4. Becky Says:

    How rad! It sounds like they were impressed! Don’t forget us little guys when you’re a TV star, OK?

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