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Fancy Pants grilled cheese January 28, 2010

Filed under: sandwiches — frappqueen @ 10:19 pm

Sometimes you just want simple and yummy comfort fo0d. Lately, Mike and I have been feeling rather under the weather. We are tired, cranky and feel downright awful! We decided last night that the only cure, aside from you know, sleep and medication, was some grilled cheese and tomato soup! I made the soup straight out of the Campell’s fancy box (it was too chunky, blah!) but we did make two kinds of delicious fancy sandwiches. The key to making fun grilled cheese to me is to just wander the grocery store and see what strikes your fancy.

I went to Trader Joe’s, because they usually have a nice variety of presliced fancy cheese. They did not disappoint! I came home with sliced swiss, sliced Asiago, prosciutto, tomato and thick sliced bacon. The makings for some epic grilled cheese, let me tell you!! Here’s what we did:

Pancetta/Asiago grilled cheese:

two slices of sourdough bread (we just used Arnold or some other very common brand)

4 slices Asiago cheese

2 slices tomato

1 slice prosciutto

butter or butter-like spread


Layer your sandwich like this: 2 slices cheese, meat, tomato, last two slices cheese. Slather the top with butter. Place the sandwich BUTTER SIDE DOWN in a hot frying pan. Butter the other side. When bread is browned, flip it! Then, cut in half and eat! YUM!

Swiss and Bacon grilled cheese

4 slices swiss cheese

2 slices thick apple cut bacon

2 slices sourdough bread

butter or butter-like product.


cook bacon in a frying pan. (If you get the thick cut, don’t be lazy like me and microwave it; it just wasn’t crispy enough!)

layer the sandwich like this: 2 slices cheese, bacon, more cheese! Butter bread and cook it up! Delectable!


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