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Mike’s Fancy Omelette February 4, 2010

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Another great thing to eat for dinner is breakfast! It’s quick and easy and a fun surprise for yourself after a long day. Breakfast at dinnertime always seems a little bit dangerous, you know, if you’re a super goody-goody and never do anything wrong 🙂 Either way, I do enjoy it now and then! This omelette was actually made for me Sunday morning by my darling husband, but it could easily be eaten for dinner! Omelettes are something of his specialty; he even insisted on purchasing a special nonstick pan just for omelette cooking. I find this adorable of course!

omelette making is another recipe that isn’t really one, but I’ll include what Mike added to my fancy omelette on this particular day!

Mike’s Fancy Omelette

3 eggs, whisked with a fork

a few drops of milk

cheese of your choosing (I had Asiago, yum!)

Meat of your choice (I had a slice of prosciutto and sliced chicken sausage)

onions, chopped (optional)

salt and pepper to taste


whisk the eggs, salt, pepper and milk together. Let stand.

In a preheated skillet, add some PAM. Add sausage and cook, until browned and well done.

Pour eggs in over sausage. Top with cheese, shredded or broken up, and prosciutto. Let eggs cook flat in this manner for about 3 minutes. Test bottom to see if the eggs are set and browned. If not, cover skillet with foil or lid that fits and let omelette steam for another few minutes, keep testing for done-ness. When eggs look set on top and are no longer wet and runny, they are ready. Carefully flip side of omelette with spatula, folding in half. Let cook 30 more seconds. Slide off skillet onto plate. Eat and enjoy! If skillet fights back and eggs do not slide nicely, oh well! Even broken omelette taste delicious!


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