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Book Report! February 20, 2010

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Yes I am aware this blog is about cooking and baking in my own kitchen, but I just have to share this book I finished reading! It was great!

This is the memoir of a woman who was originally a Hollywood executive and hated it; would go home and bake and cook as it was the only thing that kept her sane. Eventually she realized it was her real dream and she and her husband move to Vermont and open up a bakery! Amazing! Even neater is the fact that she is apparently Sandra Bullock’s sister, which is fancy in the sense that Sandra helped her open the bakery on her first few days. Weird!

I liked this book a lot because its always been a secret dream of mine to open up a coffee shop with delicious pastries and she totally did it. She didn’t go to cooking school either, she taught herself. However she does recommend not doing that part as she had a hard time learning as she went, and I can see that. I just really liked the way in which she talks and describes baking, and the fact that she includes some amazing recipes at the end of each chapter. She just sounds like an awesome person even though she claims to hate people and is a big grouch. I like, want to drive to Vermont and make her be my friend, but she probably wouldn’t like that so much!

At any rate, if you are in the market for a good book, and want to read an uplifting read about real life laced with awesome tales involving chocolate, go right ahead and get yourself a copy! Or take it out of the library as I did, but please return it on time…don’t lose it for two months before you even read it like I did! Whoops!